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Hot Selling Fire Safety Products!

On popular demand of their regular customers, Namokar Enterprises has come up with wide range of fire safety products. Total of eight hi-tech new products are launched by the company that TEND TO guarantee safety against unknown situations. Specifications of some of these hot selling products are as under.

·         Branch Nozzle (# PD 47) – This is the first fire safety equipment category. Available in different metals like Stainless steel, Gunmetal (LTB-2) and Aluminum alloy it conforms to IS: 903 specifications of CM/L No: 8929306. The nozzle of the product is offered in different sizes like 25 mm, 12 mm, 6 mm, 20 mm and 15 mm. All of them are covered under 1 year warranty

·         Canvas Pipe (# PD 48) are appreciated and known for their unique design and durability. Made from superior quality cotton fabric, they are enriched with anti-corrosion, non-permeable qualities. Thoroughly tested under strict quality control experts, they offer flawless designs with the best of technology

·         Fire Fighting Hose (# PD 49) is the category of Hose Reel products that are highly in demand since their launch. Used in variety of industrial applications they are available in Gunmetal & SS304 Jet and Diffuser types. Designed with unique vertical and horizontal dimensions these are compliant with IS: 884 standards

·         Fire Cabinet(# PD 50) –These boxes are just perfect for holding hoses in case of severe crisis like bomb blasts as they offer high water pressure needed in those times.  Excluding acute emergency cases, these fire safety cabinets are promised to last for about 200 years. They have now become need of the hour wherever any water connection is being done so that they are not used for restoring HP.

·         Fire Coupling (# PD 51)-Range of Fire Fighting Accessories are launched under this category. Fire extinguishers and range of automatic fire fighting systems like nozzles, hose couplings, hydrant valves offer ideal and comprehensive wet-riser system for acute firefighting situations. 

·         Hydrant Valve (# PD 52)-This popular ISI marked category of valves are available in 63 mm Single Outlet Landing Valve Type A. Its hand wheel is made from grey cast iron and conforms to IS: 5290 specifications.  Offered in different sized lending valves, they are tested under Hydrostatic Test conducted at 23 kfg/cm2 of fluid.


About the company:

Namokar Enterprises is one of the few Indian companies that offer a wide range of engineering products. Their exclusive product categories are PVC water stop products, pipes, variants of hydraulic items, varieties of Industrial Hoses, rubber sheets, valves, SAP valves, and Insulating mats.


Conforming to compliance standards, their research and Development team is constantly in the process of launching innovative yet important industry items. Prior to their launch, each and every product undergoes strict quality testing to ensure that these products offer the kind of service they are designed for.


Quality assurance is the norm followed by company’s product manufacturing team that ensures high quality material is being used in the design compliant with international standards. Through their expert product items and customized service they promise to offer full customer satisfaction. Competitive pricing and use of MOC (advanced engineering and production technique) is what places the company above its peers.

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