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Know about different types of hoses.

Are you not contented with the quality and range of hoses available with most of the online companies? Looking for a company that is equipped with wide variety of hose in different material, size and designs? Wait, first gain knowledge about these hose types and then start your search. This will help you in better selection of your product in lesser amount of time.

Every hose has different quality-

Hose can broadly be categorized into three major types which are mentioned below. We’ll also talk of sub categories under them.

Water Suction & Discharge Hose


  • Chemical Hose- Used in various production processes, this type of hose is designed to handle flow of acids, chemicals, and alcoholic materials

  • Concrete Hose-This type of hose is suitable for handling concrete and abrasive mixture and is therefore used during building construction

  • Rail Tanker Hose-Its seamless lining of rubber compounds is resistant towards petroleum products. Their layered architecture makes them safe from any type of leakages that are highly inflammable

  • Air or Pneumatic Hose-This hose is typically suitable for handling medium range of hydraulic requirements

  • Food Grade Hose- As the name signifies, this is made from hygienic non-toxic food grade rubber compound and is therefore suitable for alcoholic liquors and breweries manufacturing industry

PVC Hose  


  • PVC Suction Hose- This type of hose is used extensively in irrigation industry, mining and construction sites as these industries require suction as well as proper discharge of water which can only be handled easily by PVC suction

  • Car Wash Hose- This is most apt for the agricultural industry where high pressure spray of water based fungicides, chemicals or insecticides is needed in forests, vineyards and parks

  • PVC Duct Hose- Suitable for variety of applications it facilitates in proper ventilation, transportation of powders & liquids ,covering of electrical panel wirings, collection of dust in textile and industrial machinery

  • PVC Lay Flat Reinforced Hose-They are designed for common water delivery purposes

  • Thunder Hose- Their smooth architecture and non-toxic nature makes them highly resistant towards chemicals, acids, vacuum, bases and oils. Moreover, they can be used for transportation of food items, drainages and agriculture machinery

  • Steel Wire Reinforced Corrugated Hose-Designed for specific purposes they are made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)that is reinforced with blue tensile steel wire


Rubber Hose

   This is the most versatile variety under the hoses category. It contains more than 11 varieties though    we’ll   focus on some major ones.

  • Water hose-This is the most general purpose rubber hose and is mostly suitable for residential and official buildings
  • Sound Gravel Suction and Discharge Hose- Known for handling discharge of rough type of materials like sand and gravel it is mostly used when the construction of the buildings in going on
  • Carbon Free- Available in two flavors one with Asbestos coating and one without it, this rubber hose has the capability to withstand temperature of  above 100°C   that too for longer period of time

Where to look for them?

After gaining comprehensive knowledge the next big thing is to know about their availability. You can find them with most of the industries that deal with Industrial Hoses, valves, PVC water stop and rubber sheet. One such provider is Namokar Enterprises.  They are also known for their wide range of insulating mats.


How to select right kind of water stop product?

Are you troubled with water leakages from pipes of your bathroom and kitchen fittings?  Since the rainy season is not so close you have some time to explore for cool choices. But the big question is how you would go about making a right selection! I can understand your worry as you want to save your building from further damage of water pipe fittings keeping intact with the interiors of the affected area. Since you also need sufficient time for getting the repair work done, you are all the more tensed.  But its useless making haste as you may land up in more problems while trying to avail quick solutions.  For that I guess you need to follow a disciplined approach.  Instead of deciding on any kind of product that promises to offer the best water stoppage solutions, rather follow a focused plan and then proceed.  If you are still confused about how to advance, then simply follow my advice; as I have some easy ways of doing that.

Prepare a list of your plan-

We will first of all start with basic requirements. Take a sheet of paper & pen and list down your requirements i.e. write down exact specifications of your problem areas. This list should not miss out the architecture and shape of the place where the water stop solution has to be fabricated. I know till now you would not have considered the relevance of different shapes available under product category but believe me they are really important.

The next step is to look for a company that offers high quality stoppage solutions. But before we delve further I would like to offer you with beneficial knowledge on the material of the product. Why I have interrupted in between you will come to know. Because if you have ample knowledge on what type of water stop products are available in the market, you will be in a better position to make adequate choices. This will protect your damaged water pipes for long.

Commonly available water stops-

Water stops are mostly made from extruded plastics like flexible polyvinyl chloride PVC, polyethylene (PE) and thermoplastic vulcanizate rubber (TPV). But sometimes extruded Thermosets that include natural rubber, styrene-butadiene or neoprene rubber too are used in their making apart from several metals like stainless steel, carbon steel and copper.  Protection of Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) pipes of Poly Vinyl Chloride amalgamated with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber against number of water and chemical environments have made them a hot favorite among building architects and engineers. For this reason PVC water stop solutions are liked most.

Yet another category of water stop is the Metal Water Stop Seal made from copper. Since the metal is highly ductile it is a viable solution where leakages occur in heavy and huge structures. Different shapes like U type, Z type, and V type make them all the more appropriate for getting fabricated in typical structure and offer a complete fluid tight system.


Making final selection-

Now that you have decided on the material, the last step includes choosing a right kind of company. You can either check individually for water stop products or look for a company that deals in several electrical items like valves, canvas pipes, hydraulic hoses, rubber hose, welding hose, rubber sheets, Insulating mats and Industrial Hoses. You will definitely locate item of your choice.

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