# PD 29

Synthetic Ruber Sheet

We manufacture rubber sheets based on different synthetic polymers as per their use and applications. Synthetic rubber is a polymer and an artificial elastomer. An elastomer is a material that has mechanical and material properties to tolerate far more elastic deformation under stress than most of the materials and still regains its original size without permanent deformation. Synthetic rubber serves as a substitute for natural rubber in several cases, especially when improved properties of the materials are required.


Synthetic rubber can be manufactured from the polymerization of monomers including chloroprene (2-chloro-1, 3-butadiene), isoprene (2-methyl-1, 3-butadiene), isobutylene (methylopropene) and 1, 3-butadiene with a small percentage of isoprene for cross linking. All such monomers can be mixed in a variety of proportions for copolymerization purposes to obtain a wide range of chemical, physical and mechanical properties. The monomers can be produced in pure form or added with impurities or additives to obtain optimal properties and design. Polymerization of pure monomers can be effectively controlled to get a desired proportion of cis and trans double bonds.