# PD 24

Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber, also known as caoutchouc or Indian Rubber is actually an elastomer (an elastichydrocarbonpolymer). It is made from Latex, which is a milky colloid, collected from some specific kind of plants. The plants are tapped or incised in the bark which results in oozing out of sticky white latex which is collected and then refined into usable rubber through a series of processes. The purified form of the rubber is actually polyisoprene, which is a chemical that can be synthesized in the factories. Natural rubber is extremely waterproof, stretchy and flexible, and is widely used in a variety of applications as synthetic rubber.



This Rubber Sheet is specially designed for use in Gaskets Packing and Insertion.


This Rubber Sheet is especially designed for applications requiring leak proof packing.

Typical Features:

The High Pressure Rubber Sheets are extensively used in a variety of industrial applications.