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Double Wall Corrugated Pipes (DWC) carry ISI Mark IS 14930 Part II and are most commonly used as cable protection ducts. DWC pipes have longer life span of nearly 50 years and are more economical and durable than the conventional RCC and GI pipes.


DWC pipes are commonly used for the underground cable protection and management of signals, optical fiber cables, telecom, power etc.

Advantages & Features of DWC
HDPE DWC pipes have not only proved their worth as a good ducting material but also reduce damage to the cables. Thus they drastically reduce maintenance costs of cables and hence contribute to the profits of the establishments where they are installed.

HDPE DWC pipes require lesser amount of raw material during their manufacturing as compared to the solid wall PVC or HDPE corrugated pipes. They come with corrugated profile and shape, with good compression resistance strength.

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