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Welding Hose

Welding hose is used to connect regulators with torches. It must be light, strong, nonporous and flexible enough to allow for easy movements. It must be strong enough to bear pressure of up to 100 psig and must be made of the rubber specially treated to remove sulphur that could prompt spontaneous combustion.


Single and double line welding hose lengths are available in the markets. The appropriate size of the hose depends on the type of work to be done.

Light work typically requires hose with 3/16’’ or ¼’’ inside diameter and one or two piles of fabric.

Heavy duty welding and cutting applications may require 5/16’’ inside diameter and three to five piles of fabric.

Single hose is available in the above standard sizes and also in ½’’, 3/4'’ and 1’’ sizes. Use with large cutting machines and other heavy duty applications may require larger sizes.


The length of the hose used affects the delivery pressure of the torch. A longer hose results in a lower pressure, therefore, longer hoses should have larger inside diameter to allow for adequate gas flow into the torch.


Hoses used for oxygen and fuel gas have different colors but have same construction. Color coding is a precautionary measure to minimize the chances of confusion and dangerous errors.

Red hose is used for the fuel gas

Green hose is used for Oxygen.

The hose is supplied as per IS: 447-1988 specifications

Applications: Recommended for use in gas cutting and welding work in workshops, construction sites, manufacturing units and ship yards.

Construction Tube:

It is manufactured with natural and synthetic rubber and comes with uniform thickness.


High tensile synthetic yarn


Blend of natural and synthetic rubber

Finish – Four types of finishes are offered – Smooth, Plain, Fluted and Wrap Finish.


Red for fuel gases

Blue for Oxygen and non-fuel gases

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