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# PD 43

Carbon Free

Carbon Free Rubber Hose

With or Without Asbestos Cover


Electrical resistance hoses are designed to carry cables conducting 11 KVA and above.  The hose can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C for long durations.



A special synthetic carbon free white tube is used for electrical resistance and high temperature resistance, and is reinforced with cotton or synthetic fibers and pliers. For heat and weather resistance, a red or green colored asbestos cover is provided which also increases the life span of the hose. The hose can withstand a working pressure of 7 kg/cm2 to 15 kg/cm2.

We have the facility to manufacture water cooled cable which can be used for induction melting and heating equipment. The cable can be obtained with standard specifications or you can also specify your custom design for the same. We make use of electrolytic grade copper rope to provide maximum possible conductivity to the cable, which ultimately helps in lowering down of the power consumption to a great extent. The hose pipe is made with non conductive rubber and is covered with fire retardant thermal insulated cloth. All end terminals are made to meet the specific requirement of the users.

Rubber Carbon Free Heat Resistance Hoses

These hoses are specially designed for use in iron & steel mills, electrical furnaces, glass works and out fields where the hose in use is required to be resistant to radiation, heat and splashes of hot metal. The tube is made with black and white non conductive rubber compound.  Natural or synthetic variety of rubberized and woven textile fabric is used for the reinforcement of the tube.

Other Details:

 Cover: Heat and electrical resistance rubber compound with or without asbestos cover

Service Temperature Range: -40°F to +158°F

Carbon Free Heat Resistance Hose

Carbon Free Hoses

Carbon Free Hose has a typical longer life span as it is resistant to weather and abrasions. It is highly flexible but tough enough to allow the passing of electrical cable assembly through it. Carbon free hose is specially designed to withstand the rough handling in toughest working environments. The competitively priced carbon free hose offers good optimal performance.

Asbestos Covered Carbon Free Hose

Water Cooled Cable and Rubber Hose

Heat Resistant Carbon Free Hose

Non conductive (electrical) hose is used as an outer protection covering in a variety of applications like power cables in steel mills, glass works etc. to prevent damage to the cables and to avoid leakage of current due to exposure to the open flames, radiation or splashes of hot metal.

Pik India Carbon Free Hose has extremely long life as it shows good abrasion and weather resistance. The hose comes with adequate toughness and is also flexible enough to allow for easy passage of cable assembly through it. Pik India Carbon Free Hose is specially manufactured and designed to bear the abuse in toughest working environments. You can rely upon the optimal performance of the cost effective Pik India Carbon Free Hose under a variety of conditions.

Recommended For: As it has excellent low leakage current of less than 20 micro Amp at 6000V DC, Pik India Carbon Free Hose is recommended for use in applications in furnace coolant and electrical cable coolant in steel industry, and also in other non-conductive applications.

Service Temperature Range: -40ºC to +100ºC.


Tube: Specialized synthetic rubber of grey color

Cover: Specially compounded Nitrile of green color

Reinforcement: High tenacity synthetic yarn

Low Leakage Current:

Experts at Pik India developed the specialized product making use of the innovative rubber based compounds so that the product could meet the high demand of performance in furnace coolant applications. Pik India Carbon Free Hose is a very useful and efficient product which comes with useful features like low leakage current (less than 20 micro Amp. at 6 KV DC) and significantly longer time span.

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