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# PD 62

Steel Wire Reinforced Corrugated Hose



Steel Wire Reinforced Corrugated Hose comprises of clear PVC reinforced with blue tensile steel wire spiral.


It is apt for usage in functions such as discharge and suction of chemicals, slurry, water, granules, sewage and assorted waste products.  Discharge or suction of foodstuffs is also an important application of this product. Its other application areas include:


  • Electrical Wirings
  • Gas & Fumes removal
  • Railway Coaches, Aircrafts, Ships & Bus Wirings
  • Radiator connections
  • Airconditioning and Vacuum Cleaners
  • For dust collection in textile, Saw and Paper Mills
  • For Hospital, Office and Hi-Tech Equipments.
  • For Agricultural Machines
  • For vantillations of Mines, Multistoried Buildings, Industries, etc.
  • For transporting Powder & Liquids

To help install and connect conduit pipes, special purpose connectors and fittings are available as per illustrations A, B, C and D.

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