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# PD 60

PVC Lay Flat Reinforced Hose

Reinforced PVC Lay Flat Hoses for Water Delivery




The competitively priced PVC Lay Flat Deliver Hose is designed for use in light pumping duties, sleeving etc. and is known for its superb performance.

Namokar Enterprises is the renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Lay Flat Hose, PVC Braided Hose, Garden Hose and Suction Hose. Our multipurpose industrial flat hose is manufactured under the technical guidance and support of the Italy based Industries PlasticheLombarde. The hose is made using an advanced continuous manufacturing technique in which high tensile polyester yarn and a special formulation of PVC is used. The process ensures that PVC is perfectly penetrated into the interstices of the polyester reinforcement. It also helps in making an inseparable fusion of the inner and outer walls of the PVC. The process helps in enhancing the strength of the product to the maximum possible while keeping the thickness of the wall to the minimum possible.

The hose thus manufactured shows impressively high hoop strength and allows for minimum longitudinal movement. It is a water-proof and light weight flexible hose. It is rugged enough to bear rough handling in daily use and is resistant to abrasion, weather and process fluids. It is available in long lengths and does not corrode. It assumes the convenient round shape under pressure and regains its flat shape when the pressure is removed, which makes it easy to handle and store the hose. It does not require any drying and can be rolled back easily after the usage. Lay flat hose remains considerably tough even after several years of use.

Applications of Hose

Agriculture: Irrigation, Grain Chutes, Dewatering and Sprinkling

Mining: Dewatering, Waste Water Disposal, Dust Chutes, Pumping and Ventilation

Forestry: Firefighting, Water Supply Line and Sprinklers

Construction: Concrete Chutes, Pile Driving, Hydraulicing and Boring

Marine: Water Supply for Ships, Submarine Exploration and Unloading of Vessels

Municipalities: Fire Prevention, Flood Control Lines, Emergency Sewage and Horticulture

Fishery: Fish Farming


  • Highly flexible
  • Easy storage and handling
  • Light weight
  • Convenient to move and clean
  • Resistant to chemicals and weather
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