# PD 18

PVC Duct Hose

PVC Duct Hose is extensively used in a variety of applications like for facilitating ventilation, covering of electrical panel wirings and electrical cables, transportation of liquids and powders, dust collection in textile and weaving industry, transportation of hot and cool air in industries and houses, and for dust collection in industrial machinery and wood working.


Exceptional Features:

PVC Duct Hose is used as a flexible conduit or instrument to transport air and other materials from their place of source to their place of use.

Our range of duct hoses is extensively used in fuel tanks, to remove fumes from the factories and in underground installations. These hoses can also be used for drawing frames in Textile Machinery and also in Gardening Machines. These light weight pipes are more flexible than PVC Suction and Delivery Hoses. Namokar Enterprises offers a range of duct hoses with different bore sizes, bending radius, diameter and pressure ratings.



Being light weight and highly flexible, PVC Duct Hoses are easy to install and handle. Due to their smooth inner surface, they have low inner resistance and are resistant to abrasion, pressure and a variety of chemicals. PVC Duct Hoses are flat from inside and have a screw shape from outside, and is offered in several sizes and colors.



  • For the inhalation and exhalation of indoor and outdoor air
  • To suck in the dust
  • To transpire poisonous gases



    • Light weight and excellent flexibility
    • Good durability against toxic gases and chemicals
    • Easy to install and handle