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# PD 52


Hydrant Valve

63 mm Single Outlet Landing Valve Type A, ISI marked, having 75 mm NB Inlet, 200 mm OD, 160 mm PCD and 63 mm Female Instantaneous Outlet with oblique patterns.


Material: Aluminum, Gunmetal LTB2 and Stainless Steel

Inlet: Flanges (as per the specifications of the client)

Size: 63 mm (or as per the specifications of the client)

Outlet: Instantaneous, usually Female, however Male Instantaneous Outlet is also made available on the request of the clients.

Our range of high profile hydrant valves includes screw right angle hydrant valve, screw oblique hydrant valve, flanged straight through hydrant valve and flanged right angle hydrant valve. We manufacture our high performance hydrant valves as per the standards of the industry.

Technical Specifications of Hydrant Valve:

Hand Wheel: Grey Cast Iron

Conforming Specification: IS: 5290

Performance Test:

Other Range: 38 mm/ 50 mm

Size of Lending Valves: 63 mm/ 75 mm/ 80 mm

Inlet of Lending Valves: 3’ NB Flanged

Outlet of Lending Valves: Female Instantaneous

Hydrostatic Test (Body Test): Tested at 23 kfg/cm2

Water Tightness (Seat Test): Tested at 23 kfg/cm2

Flow Test of Lending Valves: 900 LPM discharge at 23 kfg/cm2

Material of Lending Valves: Gun Metal and Stainless Steel

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